marți, mai 26

2009 Borderline

Asta seara sunt maniac cu muzica, deci priviti:
Filmuletul si textu sunt luate de pe Vimeo.

Wayne and I knocked this one out fast. 1 Day of prepping the animations in After Effects, 1 day of shooting and a 1 day edit/finish. This is my first video to ship using the Red. This camera is going to change me!

Just in case you don't know, the song is the Lips with Stardeath doing a version of Madonna's Borderline for WB's Covered compilation.


duminică, mai 24

B'n'J Birthday Session part 2

Salutare oameni!
Cu ocazia zilei de nastere a lui Oli (MusicDJ), B'n'J va tine o petrecere pe 30 Mai in Old Jack Pub de la ora 22:00. Intrarea e libera pentru toti, nu doar pentru fete :zambesc:
Line-up: Syn3ptik pe care toti il stiti deja
Hitmax - un vechi prieten dj
Va asteptam cu cel mai mare drag.
Parte din B'n'J,

joi, mai 21


Am ceva interesant pentru voi azi:

This is my thesis film from Academy of Art. It's overall been done in about 3 months, therefore the quality of animation is lacking a bit. But still, hope you enjoy.

Music by Ghinzu - Jet Sex, a great Belgium band

Citat de la autor pe Vimeo.